5 Special Things About Singapore Wedding Photography

Whether you are looking to have your pre-wedding images or actual day wedding photography in Singapore, you’re bound to notice that the wedding photography taken in Singapore look very unique. Here are 10 special things which you may not yet know about wedding photographs taken in Singapore.

  1. It takes a talented photographer to help you take images in Singapore. This is because unlike countries where the population is sparse, nearly every photograph would have people in the background (photobombing). However, if you were to look at the wedding photos taken by true professional studios in Singapore, there are nobody in the background. It’s very hard to wait for nobody to be in the intended photograph’s background, and then snap it at that exact moment and have it look great. There’s only a split second for the photographer to do that and it takes a talented¬†wedding photographer to achieve this remarkable goal.
  2. Many people who want nature photographs as their back drop fly to neighbouring countries such as Vietnam for their pre-wedding photoshoot. However, that’s a waste of money and time unless you were already intending to visit that country as a holiday trip. This is because there are places in Singapore which can help you get the same result! Places such as Upper Seletar Reservoir and Hort park are beautiful examples where you can have your pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore but have it look like it was taken in another country with lots of Mother Nature!
  3. You can have photographs taken at many different locations in Singapore all within the same photo shoot day. This saves you time and money. This is largely because Singapore is small and it’s relatively easy to travel around with a car or by taking a taxi.
  4. You get to choose having urban or rural areas as your photoshoot location. This is something which is available in very few countries, as most countries have very large cities, and to truly find a rural place, you need to travel for hours at least by car, or even by plane! If you were to opt having your pre-wedding¬†photography in Singapore, that’s no longer a valid worry.
  5. Last but not least, if you have your actual day wedding photography in Singapore as well, then what you’re going to notice is that the photographs taken would be at various different locations throughout Singapore (e.g. at the bride and groom’s parents’ houses in the morning and a hotel / restaurant in the evening for the banquet). This is different from weddings in other countries like America where the morning tea party and evening banquet is usually held at the same location.

Finally, always make sure to go with a good wedding photographer or studio like Grandeur Wedding Studio or Mindy Tan Weddings if you want your wedding photography experience in Singapore to be as pleasantly memorable as your wedding.