How to be a great wedding photographer in Singapore

Becoming a wedding photographer is a rare career path in Singapore. Ask around and it is highly likely that you will not have friends who are wedding photographers in Singapore. Everyone is going into jobs such as finance associate, engineer, teacher, lawyer, or logistics helper. There are not many wedding photographers in Singapore. It may be precisely because of this reason, that prices of wedding photography packages are sky-high. A 10-hours pre or actual wedding photography package can cost as high as six thousand dollars. Demand for wedding photography services far exceed its supply. With so few wedding photographers in Singapore, there are naturally not a lot of news and insights about the industry that are publicly available to the masses.

No matter what motivation pushes you to become a wedding photographer, I’m going to share with you these tips on how to become a great wedding photographer in Singapore.

becoming a good photographer

1. Find a mentor
If you get yourself a good mentor, you are practically getting into a fast track program. Your knowledge, as well as your career, will be accelerated. A good mentor can impart knowledge to you faster than learning them yourself. Moreover, there are some valuable insights that can only be gained through experience. A mentor can transfer you those insights which you may never find out through your own experience. Knowing where to get a good mentor is the tricky part. Here’s a tip for you – approach Grandeur Wedding Studio at They take in wedding photographer apprentices.

2. Take up photography classes
For the beginners, please take up photography classes. Reading about photography isn’t going to help you much. Three words – practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect. Most of the learning will take place by the actual actions, not by reading about it.

3. Interact with like-minded people
Interact with like-minded people to advance your knowledge and network. They will also help to fuel your passion for photography and keeps you going in the industry for a longer period. Inside a group, group members are able to push each other further with each passing day.

Connecting with Singapore wedding photographers

In order to become a better wedding photographer, it is often said that one should connect more often with his fellow peers. By mingling with other Singapore wedding photographers, one can gain more valuable insights about photography skills and the unique photo shoot experiences that other wedding photographers experienced.

The next question is, how can one reach out to other wedding photographers in Singapore?

Well, there are a variety of methods, segmented into 2 main categories – online and offline methods.

Online methods
1. Join wedding photography forums
There are some wedding photography forums in Singapore such as Clubsnap, Singapore wedding forum, and Singapore brides. Quite a lot of wedding photographers hang out in these forums. No matter if you are an amateur or a highly professional wedding photographer, you will definitely find it fun and useful to interact with other wedding photographers in this forum!

2. Penetrate into wedding studios via their social media
Besides turning up at the wedding studios or calling them, you can also visit their online social media platforms to chat with them to establish a rapport. Thereafter, you can get close to their wedding photographers and interact with them. These wedding photographers at wedding studios are usually highly professionals so you could really learn a lot from them. Explore Facebook, Google+ and Twitters to look for Singapore wedding studios. For instance, GWS have their own Google+ page in which anyone could post on their wall or send a message to them to start the conversation.

Offline methods
1. Participate in wedding photography competitions
Some wedding photography competitions require physical attendance during the sign-up phase. Moreover, there will also be a physical briefing session, as well as an award session at the end of the competition. At these events, you will have the chance to meet many talented photographers in the country that you do not know exist.

2. Walk straight into a wedding studio
Of course, besides hanging out on their social media platforms as described in point number 2 above, you could also just walk straight into the wedding studios to talk to the wedding photographers straight away. Both methods have their own pros and cons and it also ultimately boils down to your own preference of communication too.

Do not miss out on wedding videography

Most people only focus on wedding photography and misses out on wedding videography. That’s a big mistake. Videos can capture much more information than photographs. This reason alone should be enough to convince people to take up wedding videography packages. In fact, wedding studios have bundled wedding photography and wedding videography services together in a single package to promote wedding videography services as well.

While I agree that wedding photographs is a must-have for weddings, I think that wedding videos should not be eliminated. As mentioned, videos are able to capture much more information than photographs. By looking at your wedding photographs, you can imagine and try to recall what took place during your wedding. However, by watching your wedding video, you can actually re-experience your actual wedding again, more accurately.

Despite so, majority of the people are still not buying wedding videography services. This can be due to 2 main reasons:

1. Wedding videography services are much less advertised as compared to wedding photography services. People have perceived wedding photography as the main way to capture their beautiful wedding memories. It is the social norm to purchase wedding photography services when people gets married. On the other hand, wedding videography services is much less advertised and promoted. People are not fully appreciating the value that wedding video brings.

2. It is easier to “show-off” your wedding photographs as compared to wedding video. Pre-wedding videos are played during the actual day wedding lunch / dinner. That’s most probably the only time the guests will be shown the wedding video in a real-life setting. Wedding photographs, on the other hand, can be shown more frequently. For instance, wedding photographs are displayed at the reception area before the wedding lunch / dinner for the guests to browse through. Moreover, mini version of the photo album can be carried around by the wedding couple to show to their friends.

Process of booking your Singapore wedding photographer

For those who are keen to book your wedding photography package with a Singapore wedding studio, here’s what you need to know about the entire booking process.

booking a wedding photography package

1. Start looking for a wedding studio early
You should confirm your wedding date at least a year in advance, because that’s the average lead time wedding studios in Singapore require from their customers. Singaporeans are booking wedding photography packages at least a year in advance now. If you don’t confirm your wedding date, you can’t book your wedding photography packages, in particular the actual day wedding photography package. You can try booking wedding photography packages from wedding studios with less than a year’s notice, but the more popular studios such as Grandeur Wedding will definitely be fully booked. All that’s left will be the less popular wedding studios and the less well known freelance wedding photographers.

2. Search for the wedding studio online
The main platform Singaporeans are using to find their products and services is the internet. There are many businesses promoting their products and services online. Do a quick Google search and you will find at least three dozens wedding studios lined up. Do not bother trying out other methods such as looking at newspaper advertisements or listening to radio advertisements. Online search works best. You can find comprehensive information about every wedding studios online, including their portfolio.

3. Visit the wedding studio office and purchase your wedding photography package
When you know which wedding studio to go for, head down to their office to purchase the photography package. As the purchase will involve signing a purchase agreement, you will have to be physically there to do it. Be sure to take note of the wedding studio’s opening hours to prevent a wasted trip to the office.

After the signing of the purchase agreement, your wedding photography package is booked! One caution note – you can cancel your booking in the future, but most wedding studios in Singapore have some form of penalty charges for the booking cancellation.

Essentials for Singapore wedding photo shoots

Thinking of having your wedding photo shoot in Singapore? If so, you will need to take note of the essential items to bring with you for your Singapore wedding photo shoots!

Many people thinks that getting a good wedding photographer such as Grandeur Wedding Studio is good enough (you can find them via the link here – While the wedding photographers are able to take care of a large part of your wedding photography, there are certain things that will need your involvement as well. For instance, you will need to prepare your mind and body for your wedding photo shoot. Refer to these 3 tips to help you look better in your wedding photos. You will also need to plan the actual day wedding activities yourself. Think of memorable activities which the wedding photographers can help you take pictures of. Back to the first point – you will need to take note of the essential items to bring with you for your wedding photo shoots in Singapore!

1. Umbrella
umbrella in wedding photo shoot

Singapore has a very unpredictable weather. It can look very sunny now and the next thing you know, you are caught up in a heavy rain. Carry an umbrella with you to the wedding photo shoot. If it starts to rain, you will have an umbrella to shelter yourself and your clothes. You can continue with your wedding photo shoot again after the rain stops. If you do not have an umbrella with you, you will get drenches in the rain and it is likely that the wedding photo shoot will be postponed to another day instead. Moreover, if you have an umbrella, you can even do some unique and funny poses with the umbrella after the rain, just like the picture above!

2. Water
If it does not rain, Singapore can be very hot. Hence, it is important to drink up and be hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you to the wedding photo shoot to stay hydrated. This will keep you looking good for your photo shoot.

3. Face towel
You are going to have a long day outside in the sun. Wash your face during the breaks. A face towel will come in handy for this. You will feel refreshed and revitalized after the face wash.

5 Special Destinations In Singapore For The Best Wedding Photos!

Looking for beautiful destinations in Singapore for your wedding photoshoot? Here are some of the best ideas!

  1. Hort Park
    One of the hot favorite of couples in Singapore, Hort Park is often used as both a pre-wedding photoshoot location as well as an actual day wedding ceremony location. I cannot type this post without mentioning the beautiful and famous Hort Park in Singapore.
  2. Tuas
    What may sound like an industrial zone is actually a beautiful and less known place for couples to take their wedding photos at. With vast plains with nearly no buildings in sight, Tuas is an amazing location for a quiet and peaceful photo shoot. Just make sure you get a photographer with a car, have a car yourself or rent a car for the day as it can be very inconvenient to go to Tuas for your wedding photography session in Singapore.
  3. Sentosa
    Why travel to Hawaii? Your flight to Hawaii from Singapore would take at least 18 hours, and perhaps one flight change. Sentosa offers similar views (though to be honest the weather is not as appealing as that in Hawaii). However, your main criteria for a good wedding photoshoot location is not the weather, but the looks of it. Sentosa looks just like Hawaii. With posh houses, luxurious yachts and powerful sports cars moving all around the island of Sentosa in Singapore, it is just like a rich version of Hawaii. If you prefer the serene nature or beach, then head over to Siloso beach to get the ‘true’ Hawaii feeling for your wedding photos!
  4. Gardens by the Bay
    This is actually preferred by foreigners rather than people living in Singapore already. People who work in the Central Business District in Singapore probably drive pass Gardens by the Bay every single day, so it looks so plain and boring. However, it’s a unique man made site which looks out of this world to many foreigners who flock to Singapore to take photographs at this place in Singapore. It’s a beautiful place nonetheless and one you should definitely consider having your pre-wedding photography taken at.
  5. Fullerton Hotel
    With a rustic colonial building as your backdrop, your wedding photographs will be able to look stunning. If you want even more stunning photographs, just check out Fullerton hotel’s interior! Many rich couples in Singapore hold their wedding dinner at Fullerton Hotel due to its sheer grandeur. It’s a grand location for those with deep pockets and an even deeper bank account if you want to hold your actual day wedding ceremony in there. If you want to save money but still enjoy Fullerton Hotel, then simply go there for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

If you need a good photographer to help you take beautiful wedding images, click here. I have linked you to Grandeur Wedding Studio, one of the fastest uprising wedding studios in Singapore with top photographers in Singapore.

3 Tips To Help You Look Better In Your Wedding Photos

Every bride and groom wants to look perfect in their wedding photographs. However, as you might already have noticed, not everyone looks amazing in their wedding photographs. This is because they think that photoshop can cure all eye bags or that the perfect lighting will make their skin look good or that having the right fitted suit and wedding gown will automatically help them look sexy. Life doesn’t work that way. You still need to put in effort if you want to guarantee that the photographs of you and your spouse looks good.

Here are some effective and practical tips which you can put to use right away to start looking better for your wedding photo shoot.

  1. Always drink lots of water. Most people in Singapore barely drink enough water, and that results in dehydration and you get pimples more often as a result too. Do you want to have to use a concealer when taking your wedding photo or would you rather simply look gorgeous naturally? Trust me, even if you put on make up, you would still look better if you did not had a zit underneath all that make up and photo shop of your wedding photograph!
  2. Always get enough rest and sleep. I know you may love your job. I know you may love partying. Many people love to work a lot and party a lot in Singapore. However, continue doing that at your own risk – especially if your wedding photoshoot is coming up. I highly recommend that for the 3 months before your wedding photoshoot (yes it may sound extreme but it works) that you start getting sufficient rest. Most people look their best and reduce their eye bags and dark eye circles most when they rest for 7.5 to 8.5 hours per night. It’s the perfect time where you feel rested and look good. Sleep too little and you’ll look tired, and sleep too much and you’ll potentially get eye bags. (yes sleeping too much will make you look bad too).
  3. Work out! There is no shortcut to looking sexy in your wedding gown or your spouse’s suit. You and your spouse need to work out if you want to truly look amazing. No amount of professional help will make you look as good as if you had worked out regularly and well. When you have a great body, you look great in your wedding gown and your spouse in his suit, and you would find it super easy to look great in your wedding photographs as a result.

To look good in your wedding photographs really requires two main things. First of all, you need to put in effort into your own appearance. Number two, you need to engage a good wedding photography studio in Singapore ie.. Or, you could also check out this list of photographers in Singapore to find one that you like too:

Alright, hopefully the above tips will help you out. Make sure to apply them, otherwise all of the above tips would be useless in helping you!!!!!!

5 Special Things About Singapore Wedding Photography

Whether you are looking to have your pre-wedding images or actual day wedding photography in Singapore, you’re bound to notice that the wedding photography taken in Singapore look very unique. Here are 10 special things which you may not yet know about wedding photographs taken in Singapore.

  1. It takes a talented photographer to help you take images in Singapore. This is because unlike countries where the population is sparse, nearly every photograph would have people in the background (photobombing). However, if you were to look at the wedding photos taken by true professional studios in Singapore, there are nobody in the background. It’s very hard to wait for nobody to be in the intended photograph’s background, and then snap it at that exact moment and have it look great. There’s only a split second for the photographer to do that and it takes a talented wedding photographer to achieve this remarkable goal.
  2. Many people who want nature photographs as their back drop fly to neighbouring countries such as Vietnam for their pre-wedding photoshoot. However, that’s a waste of money and time unless you were already intending to visit that country as a holiday trip. This is because there are places in Singapore which can help you get the same result! Places such as Upper Seletar Reservoir and Hort park are beautiful examples where you can have your pre-wedding photo shoot in Singapore but have it look like it was taken in another country with lots of Mother Nature!
  3. You can have photographs taken at many different locations in Singapore all within the same photo shoot day. This saves you time and money. This is largely because Singapore is small and it’s relatively easy to travel around with a car or by taking a taxi.
  4. You get to choose having urban or rural areas as your photoshoot location. This is something which is available in very few countries, as most countries have very large cities, and to truly find a rural place, you need to travel for hours at least by car, or even by plane! If you were to opt having your pre-wedding photography in Singapore, that’s no longer a valid worry.
  5. Last but not least, if you have your actual day wedding photography in Singapore as well, then what you’re going to notice is that the photographs taken would be at various different locations throughout Singapore (e.g. at the bride and groom’s parents’ houses in the morning and a hotel / restaurant in the evening for the banquet). This is different from weddings in other countries like America where the morning tea party and evening banquet is usually held at the same location.

Finally, always make sure to go with a good wedding photographer or studio like Grandeur Wedding Studio or Mindy Tan Weddings if you want your wedding photography experience in Singapore to be as pleasantly memorable as your wedding.