Connecting with Singapore wedding photographers

In order to become a better wedding photographer, it is often said that one should connect more often with his fellow peers. By mingling with other Singapore wedding photographers, one can gain more valuable insights about photography skills and the unique photo shoot experiences that other wedding photographers experienced.

The next question is, how can one reach out to other wedding photographers in Singapore?

Well, there are a variety of methods, segmented into 2 main categories – online and offline methods.

Online methods
1. Join wedding photography forums
There are some wedding photography forums in Singapore such as Clubsnap, Singapore wedding forum, and Singapore brides. Quite a lot of wedding photographers hang out in these forums. No matter if you are an amateur or a highly professional wedding photographer, you will definitely find it fun and useful to interact with other wedding photographers in this forum!

2. Penetrate into wedding studios via their social media
Besides turning up at the wedding studios or calling them, you can also visit their online social media platforms to chat with them to establish a rapport. Thereafter, you can get close to their wedding photographers and interact with them. These wedding photographers at wedding studios are usually highly professionals so you could really learn a lot from them. Explore Facebook, Google+ and Twitters to look for Singapore wedding studios. For instance, GWS have their own Google+ page in which anyone could post on their wall or send a message to them to start the conversation.

Offline methods
1. Participate in wedding photography competitions
Some wedding photography competitions require physical attendance during the sign-up phase. Moreover, there will also be a physical briefing session, as well as an award session at the end of the competition. At these events, you will have the chance to meet many talented photographers in the country that you do not know exist.

2. Walk straight into a wedding studio
Of course, besides hanging out on their social media platforms as described in point number 2 above, you could also just walk straight into the wedding studios to talk to the wedding photographers straight away. Both methods have their own pros and cons and it also ultimately boils down to your own preference of communication too.