How to be a great wedding photographer in Singapore

Becoming a wedding photographer is a rare career path in Singapore. Ask around and it is highly likely that you will not have friends who are wedding photographers in Singapore. Everyone is going into jobs such as finance associate, engineer, teacher, lawyer, or logistics helper. There are not many wedding photographers in Singapore. It may be precisely because of this reason, that prices of wedding photography packages are sky-high. A 10-hours pre or actual wedding photography package can cost as high as six thousand dollars. Demand for wedding photography services far exceed its supply. With so few wedding photographers in Singapore, there are naturally not a lot of news and insights about the industry that are publicly available to the masses.

No matter what motivation pushes you to become a wedding photographer, I’m going to share with you these tips on how to become a great wedding photographer in Singapore.

becoming a good photographer

1. Find a mentor
If you get yourself a good mentor, you are practically getting into a fast track program. Your knowledge, as well as your career, will be accelerated. A good mentor can impart knowledge to you faster than learning them yourself. Moreover, there are some valuable insights that can only be gained through experience. A mentor can transfer you those insights which you may never find out through your own experience. Knowing where to get a good mentor is the tricky part. Here’s a tip for you – approach Grandeur Wedding Studio at They take in wedding photographer apprentices.

2. Take up photography classes
For the beginners, please take up photography classes. Reading about photography isn’t going to help you much. Three words – practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect. Most of the learning will take place by the actual actions, not by reading about it.

3. Interact with like-minded people
Interact with like-minded people to advance your knowledge and network. They will also help to fuel your passion for photography and keeps you going in the industry for a longer period. Inside a group, group members are able to push each other further with each passing day.