Essentials for Singapore wedding photo shoots

Thinking of having your wedding photo shoot in Singapore? If so, you will need to take note of the essential items to bring with you for your Singapore wedding photo shoots!

Many people thinks that getting a good wedding photographer such as Grandeur Wedding Studio is good enough (you can find them via the link here – While the wedding photographers are able to take care of a large part of your wedding photography, there are certain things that will need your involvement as well. For instance, you will need to prepare your mind and body for your wedding photo shoot. Refer to these 3 tips to help you look better in your wedding photos. You will also need to plan the actual day wedding activities yourself. Think of memorable activities which the wedding photographers can help you take pictures of. Back to the first point – you will need to take note of the essential items to bring with you for your wedding photo shoots in Singapore!

1. Umbrella
umbrella in wedding photo shoot

Singapore has a very unpredictable weather. It can look very sunny now and the next thing you know, you are caught up in a heavy rain. Carry an umbrella with you to the wedding photo shoot. If it starts to rain, you will have an umbrella to shelter yourself and your clothes. You can continue with your wedding photo shoot again after the rain stops. If you do not have an umbrella with you, you will get drenches in the rain and it is likely that the wedding photo shoot will be postponed to another day instead. Moreover, if you have an umbrella, you can even do some unique and funny poses with the umbrella after the rain, just like the picture above!

2. Water
If it does not rain, Singapore can be very hot. Hence, it is important to drink up and be hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you to the wedding photo shoot to stay hydrated. This will keep you looking good for your photo shoot.

3. Face towel
You are going to have a long day outside in the sun. Wash your face during the breaks. A face towel will come in handy for this. You will feel refreshed and revitalized after the face wash.