Do not miss out on wedding videography

Most people only focus on wedding photography and misses out on wedding videography. That’s a big mistake. Videos can capture much more information than photographs. This reason alone should be enough to convince people to take up wedding videography packages. In fact, wedding studios have bundled wedding photography and wedding videography services together in a single package to promote wedding videography services as well.

While I agree that wedding photographs is a must-have for weddings, I think that wedding videos should not be eliminated. As mentioned, videos are able to capture much more information than photographs. By looking at your wedding photographs, you can imagine and try to recall what took place during your wedding. However, by watching your wedding video, you can actually re-experience your actual wedding again, more accurately.

Despite so, majority of the people are still not buying wedding videography services. This can be due to 2 main reasons:

1. Wedding videography services are much less advertised as compared to wedding photography services. People have perceived wedding photography as the main way to capture their beautiful wedding memories. It is the social norm to purchase wedding photography services when people gets married. On the other hand, wedding videography services is much less advertised and promoted. People are not fully appreciating the value that wedding video brings.

2. It is easier to “show-off” your wedding photographs as compared to wedding video. Pre-wedding videos are played during the actual day wedding lunch / dinner. That’s most probably the only time the guests will be shown the wedding video in a real-life setting. Wedding photographs, on the other hand, can be shown more frequently. For instance, wedding photographs are displayed at the reception area before the wedding lunch / dinner for the guests to browse through. Moreover, mini version of the photo album can be carried around by the wedding couple to show to their friends.