Process of booking your Singapore wedding photographer

For those who are keen to book your wedding photography package with a Singapore wedding studio, here’s what you need to know about the entire booking process.

booking a wedding photography package

1. Start looking for a wedding studio early
You should confirm your wedding date at least a year in advance, because that’s the average lead time wedding studios in Singapore require from their customers. Singaporeans are booking wedding photography packages at least a year in advance now. If you don’t confirm your wedding date, you can’t book your wedding photography packages, in particular the actual day wedding photography package. You can try booking wedding photography packages from wedding studios with less than a year’s notice, but the more popular studios such as Grandeur Wedding will definitely be fully booked. All that’s left will be the less popular wedding studios and the less well known freelance wedding photographers.

2. Search for the wedding studio online
The main platform Singaporeans are using to find their products and services is the internet. There are many businesses promoting their products and services online. Do a quick Google search and you will find at least three dozens wedding studios lined up. Do not bother trying out other methods such as looking at newspaper advertisements or listening to radio advertisements. Online search works best. You can find comprehensive information about every wedding studios online, including their portfolio.

3. Visit the wedding studio office and purchase your wedding photography package
When you know which wedding studio to go for, head down to their office to purchase the photography package. As the purchase will involve signing a purchase agreement, you will have to be physically there to do it. Be sure to take note of the wedding studio’s opening hours to prevent a wasted trip to the office.

After the signing of the purchase agreement, your wedding photography package is booked! One caution note – you can cancel your booking in the future, but most wedding studios in Singapore have some form of penalty charges for the booking cancellation.